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    Welcome to the Hawthorne Middle/High School Athletic Training Page.

    My name is ??? and I am the Head Athletic Trainer here at Hawthorne Middle/High School I am currently responsible for covering all seven sports teams we have at Hawthorne Middle/High School. Please use the following page to help answer any questions you might have about Athletic Training or how it pertains to the Hawthorne Middle/High student-athletes.

    As a Licensed, Certified Athletic Trainer my main goal is to help prevent injuries through education. I strive to provide quality services such as prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions for the student-athletes at Hawthorne Middle/High School.

    The injury process that we have established for Hawthorne Middle/High School Athletic Training Clinic is as follows:

    *If a student-athlete develops an injury, the student-athlete should report to the Athletic Trainer for evaluation, while also communicating with the coach so that everyone stays involved.

    * Student-athletes will be given proper documentation of any injury for which the Athletic Trainer recommends physician referral. The Athletic Trainer will contact the parent/guardian and ask if there is a referral preference other than Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute (OSMI). If OSMI is the preferred treatment facility, the Athletic Trainer will call to facilitate a same day/next day appointment with the Team Physician or one of the sports medicine physicians. The scheduler will then contact the parent/guardian to arrange and confirm the appointment.

    *The Athletic Trainer will follow up with the student-athlete or parent/guardian to obtain the appointment information, and then again after the appointment, to get an updated diagnosis and activity status for the student-athlete. If the student-athlete sees a physician for his/her injury, the Athletic Trainer MUST receive clearance paperwork from the physician before the student-athlete can return to activity [practice, games, etc].

    *If applicable, the student-athletes may be asked to report to the Athletic Training Clinic each day following the injury for treatment and rehab, until released back to full activity by the Athletic Trainer or physician.

    *The Hawthorne Middle/High School Athletic Training Clinic is located Main Lobby of the Gym. Due to sports activities, student-athletes may need to check with the Athletic Trainer as to when or where to meet for treatment.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at cristamrosboroug@ufl.edu.

    Thank you for your help in taking care of student-athletes.


    **Student-athletes may also use the ORTHOcare clinic for immediate care of sprains, strains, minor breaks and x-rays. ORTHOcare is available seven days a week and after regular business hours. 352.265.BONE