Educator Certification

  • There are three (3) steps in the process for issuance of an Educator's Certificate in Florida.  Florida issues an Official Statement of Status of Eligibility to all applicants for initial certificates. Once employed and fingerprints are processed, the certificate for which an individual qualifies will be issued.  Visit the Bureau of Educator's Certification's web site at for more information.  For information on certification testing, go to

    To find out about fee waivers for active military personnel, retired veterans, and their spouses, visit before applying.

    Step 1: Requirements for Issuance of an Official Statement of Status of Eligibility.

    • Submit an application and $75.00 fee for each subject requested.
    • Hold an appropriate bachelor's or higher degree. 
    • Meet specialization (subject content) requirements as specified in a subject in which Florida offers certification or present a passing score earned after July 1, 2002 on the appropriate Florida Subject Area Exam, except in the following areas: Guidance and Counseling; Educational Leadership; Reading; School Psychologist; and Speech-Language Impaired. 
    • Obtain a 2.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale in the "initial certification" subject to be shown on a certificate.

    Step 2:  Requirements for issuance of a three-year nonrenewable Temporary Certificate

    • Hold a valid Official Statement of Status of Eligibility, which reflects no deficiencies in subject requirements.
    • Obtain employment in an instructional or administrative position in a Florida public, state-supported or nonpublic school, which has an approved system for demonstration of Professional Education Competence. 
    • Submit fingerprints to employing district or school. Fingerprint report must be submitted by employer to the Bureau of Educator Certification.

    Step 3: Requirements for issuance of a five-year Florida Educator's Certificate

    • Submit an application and $75.00 fee.
    • Meet requirements for the three-year nonrenewable Temporary Certificate.
    • Satisfy the professional preparation (education courses) requirement.
    • Satisfy Florida's testing requirements by presenting a passing score on   each of the following tests or an approved alternative:

    * Florida Professional Education Test
    * Florida General Knowledge Test
    * Subject Area Exam for each subject shown on the certificate.

    • Successfully complete an approved system for demonstration of Professional Education Competence.