ACIIS General FAQs


    What is ACIIS?

    The Alachua County Public Schools’ LIIS is called ACIIS, which stands for Alachua County Instructional Improvement System. It is a dashboard for our lesson planner (PCG) and our Professional Development System (True North Logic).

    What is the purpose of ACIIS?

    Once fully implemented, ACIIS will allow teachers, parents, students and administrators to access “live” data to help implement instruction designed to increase student achievement.

    Why are we doing this?

    The federally funded Race to the Top grant requires participating districts to develop a Local Instructional Improvement System. This requirement has now become a Florida State Law. (F.S. 1006.281) The minimum standards for the LIIS can be found on the DOE website ( Each district’s LIIS must be complete by June 2014.

    Am I required to use the online appraisal process this year?

    Not entirely. Teachers are required to develop their Professional Development Plans (PDPs) using the online tool but may “opt out” of using the remaining steps online. However, all administrators will be using the online tool for their portion of the appraisal process. Full implementation begins in August 2013.

    Am I required to create a class web page using Edline?

    Teachers are not required to have class web pages until June 2014.

    What is PCG?

    PCG is a lesson planner. It has replaced our previous lesson planning software, OnCourse.

    What is True North Logic (TNL)?

    TNL is a Professional Development System. It has replaced our previous software, My Learning Plan.

    How do I log in to ACIIS, PCG, or TNL?

    Download full documentation on logging into ACIIS

    What is included in ACIIS?

    There are nine minimum standards that every LIIS must meet, of which five are specifically designed to help teachers prepare, teach, assess, analyze data and remediate students as well as meet their own professional development needs. The teacher and administrator evaluation process is integrated into these standards. The remaining standards fall into the safety, security and support categories.

    The following is a brief overview of the ACIIS components:

    1. Standards & Curriculum – This standard requires districts to align curriculum with state benchmarks and create curriculum guides aligned to benchmarks.

    2. Instructional Practices – This standard requires districts to develop the ability to create instructional materials and resources aligned to benchmarks. It also includes specific components that must be included in the lesson planner.

    3. Assessment and Growth – This standard requires districts to develop the capability for the district and individual teachers to create their own assessments, deliver the assessments through a variety of media, store resulting data and create reports using a variety of attributes.

    4. Facilitator Profile – This standard requires districts to develop a comprehensive staff database including performance and professional development offerings as well as the ability to search for offerings by proficiency and other criteria.

    5. Learner Profile – This standard requires districts to develop a comprehensive student database, most of which we currently store in Infinite Campus, and to customize this information based on user (parent, student, teacher) as well as develop the ability to create classroom-specific websites.

    6. Analysis and Reporting - This standard requires districts to develop teacher and administrator dashboards which will display data using a variety of formats, including the ability to “drill down” on aggregated data. It also requires districts to develop the ability for teachers and administrators to create Ad Hoc reports using any available of data and to apply multiple filters to refine results. Report requests must be able to combine student, teacher, school professional development and assessment information.

    7. Documentation and Support - This standard requires districts to develop online and printable support documents which are searchable, as well as to create a HelpDesk for end users.

    8. Data Integration - This standard requires districts to integrate data from, but not limited to, the following: student information systems, staff information systems, course management systems, content management systems, special education systems, response to intervention systems, human resources systems, professional development systems and longitudinal data systems. It also requires the ability to securely import and export this data.

    9. IT Platform and Security - This standard requires districts to develop support for the data systems including, but not limited to: validation, upgrades, backups, audit and security logs, manage workflow, integrate calendars, and archiving.

    *The complete text of the LIIS minimum standards can be found at*


    How will ACIIS help me, as a teacher?  

    Once all components of ACIIS are fully operational, teachers will have comprehensive student data (attendance, behavior, assessment, etc.) available on a “teacher dashboard” which will allow them to drill down to isolate student instructional needs, for individuals or groups (by specific criteria, such as item analysis). They will also be able to create reports by selecting criteria of their choice. Teachers will be able to view student data while preparing lessons, allowing for easier differentiation and assessment tailored to student ability. They will be able to develop assessments using an item bank or by creating their own test items and deliver the assessment via a variety of media (paper/pencil, computer, etc.) with immediate access to results. Parent communication will be facilitated through the school and class websites. The professional development database will provide numerous opportunities for individualized training with self-paced options and individualized reporting of participation.

    Why can’t we continue to use On Course and My Learning Plan?

    On Course and My Learning Plan were very good tools for a number of years. When we first began looking at our existing systems to see if they could be integrated with a new LIIS, we contacted both On Course and My Learning Plan. Their programs did not meet the required minimum standards and neither company was willing to guarantee that their products would meet the requirements by the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Since the LIIS is a state requirement, not just a Race to The Top requirement, we had to look for other options for both the lesson planning component and the professional development component.

    Why do I have to type my homework into the lesson planner and into Edline?

    At this time, there are only two ways to have homework available for parent and student access. One way is for a teacher to type the assignments into the assignments section of their web page in Edline. The other way is to post their assignments in Infinite Campus. (It is not a requirement for a teacher to type homework into the lesson planner as well as posting it in Edline. If a teacher wants the homework to appear in both places, they can copy and paste it from one place to the other.)