• PCG Lesson Planner FAQs


    Am I required to use the district lesson plan template?  

    • Yes, the district is required to have a common lesson plan template. Check with your administrator on the lesson plan template components you are required to complete.

    When am I required to use the on-line lesson planner?

    • Full implementation begins 2014-2015 School Year. Check with your administrator for any other specific questions you may have related to lesson planning.

    What browser should I use?  How can I get the correct version on my computer?

    • At school, you must use Firefox Version FireFox 17.0.7 ESR. Although Google Chrome works, Firefox is the Browser we manage district wide. IF you use any other browser other than Firefox, the lesson planner will not run correctly.  If you do not have the correct version, please contact your school-base sitetech, not the Helpdesk.
    • At home, you can use any of the following browsers: Firefox 17.0.7  or newer, Google Chrome, or Safari.

    How much information should I include in my lesson planner?

    • Because all teachers and administrators are different, it is best to check with your administrator about requirements.

    How can I access help guides for accessing, creating, and using my Lesson Planner?

    Why does my lesson planner run so slowly or stop allowing me to input information after a few words?

    Last Update: April 3, 2014 freemance@gm.sbac.edu