School Options

  • Alachua County Public Schools plans to offer families three options for educating their children beginning in the fall of 2020. They include the traditional, in-person model mandated by the state of Florida and two online options--the Digital Academy and Alachua eSchool. Details about all three options are provided below.  We've also prepared a simple chart comparing the thee models.
    The district has prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document with more information about the district's Reopening of Schools plan.  Obviously the situation is very fluid, and infomration may change based on circumstances.

    It's important to note that students currently enrolled in a magnet/school choice program who have elected to attend the brick and mortar school OR the Digital Academy that is a part of that school will not be giving up their seat in a magnet program because both of these are still tied to the school of enrollment with the magnet program.  At this time, if a student elected to go to a completely virtual option that is not tied to the school of enrollment with the magnet (i.e. Alachua eSchool or an outside entity like FLVS), that magnet seat would be forfeited and the student would have to reapply for the next year.

    Families that did not select an option by the July 20 deadline will be automatically enrolled in the traditional option unless they contact their school directly.  Families can also work with their school to change their option if necessary.  


  • Traditional

    • Students return to school and receive face-to-face instruction at their assigned school with health and safety measures in place
    • Schools are designed for social interaction rather than social distancing, so we will rely on guidance from FDOE, FDOH, The Alachua County Health Department, and the CDC. Their recommendations and safeguards will be utilized to the extent that is “feasible, practical, acceptable, and tailored to meet the needs of the community” (CDC 2020)
    • Teachers and students will follow traditional school schedules and utilize district adopted curriculum materials and pacing.

Alachua Digital Academy

  • Digital Academy

    (The Department of Education has recently released new requirements for districts who want to make this option available. As we work through the approval process, changes to our model will be updated here.)

    • Students receive individualized instruction at home utilizing our learning management system combined with live lessons. 
    • Attendance will be taken daily in each course.
    • Students will maintain connection to their assigned school, making a transition back to the traditional school model more seamless.
    • Students will work with the teachers from their school of enrollment. 
    • Students will be engaged in synchronous learning following a typical school schedule 5 days a week.
    • Canvas will be the primary platform utilized to manage curriculum materials and content. This platform will allow for daily attendance, assignments, assessment and progress monitoring.
    • Curriculum materials utilized in the Canvas platform will be aligned to the district’s scope and sequence for each course offered.
    • While there will be robust course offerings in the digital academy, some courses may be available only in the traditional school setting.
    • The district will provide devices to those who do not have them and will work with families on obtaining internet access.

    Sample Elementary Class Schedule

    Sample Secondary Class Schedule

Alachua eSchool

  • eSchool

    NOTE:  Free meals are not available for students enrolled in Alachua eSchool.

    • The Alachua eSchool started in 2012 and serves students in grades K-12.
    • Students enroll in Alachua eSchool and receive individualized instruction from eSchool teachers utilizing technology. The virtual format allows flexibility of time, location and pace.
    • Comprehensive course selection available to design a program that is flexible in delivery and supportive of unique learning style.
    • Parents and students will have on-demand access to technical support and computer access help.