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  • Why are Alachua County Public Schools open for in-person instruction during the pandemic?

  • Will online learning continue to be an option in the second semester?

  • Will parents have to sign up to remain in the Digital Academy for the second semester?

  • When does the second semester begin? When does the school year end?

  • Does the Digital Academy involve a teacher teaching both in person and online at the same time?

  • Does the district provide devices and internet access for students in the Digital Academy?

  • What happens if a classroom or school has to close entirely to in-person instruction because of COVID?

  • Can my child still get free meals if they are enrolled in the Digital Academy or Alachua eSchool?

Health and Safety

  • Are students/staff required to wear masks?

  • What sort of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is being used in schools?

  • Are you testing students/staff for COVID?

  • Are you taking everyone’s temperature?

  • What if there is a COVID case at a school?

  • How are you going to keep schools clean and sanitized?

  • How will you promote health and safety on school buses?

  • Are you limiting the number of students in each classroom? How are you promoting social distancing in schools?

  • What's the plan for mealtimes?

  • What happens if a student or staff member gets sick at school?

ESE/Student Support Services

  • What kind of mental health services will be available?

  • How will my child’s goals, services, and accommodations be implemented in the digital setting?

  • How often will my children receive live instruction from the classroom teacher?

  • If my child has a para in the brick and mortar setting, will that carry over into the virtual setting?

  • How will my child be assessed and how will progress be monitored?

  • How will my child interact and build relationships with his peers?

  • How are face-to-face services such as speech, language, OT and PT provided?

  • How will you offer ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages Services) in the Digital Academy?

  • How will my ESOL child be assessed and how will progress be monitored?

COVID Vaccine FAQ (UF Health)

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