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Local students earn spots in prestigious All-state musical ensembles

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All-State ImageThirty-nine students from nine Alachua County Public Schools have been selected as All State Musicians by the Florida Music Education Association (FMEA).

The students will participate in fourteen different All State ensembles at the annual FMEA conference in Tampa from January 11-14. The conference will include workshops, rehearsals and performances with the state’s other top young musicians under the leadership of expert conductors.

To earn spots in the All State ensembles, students participated in a rigorous audition process this fall that included musicianship tests, playing scales, sight reading passages, and prepared audition pieces on their respective instruments.

“We’re proud that our district will be so well represented in this prestigious program,” said Diana Rollo, who coordinates the district’s fine arts curriculum. “It’s a tribute to the students, their families, their music teachers and the community, which has supported the arts in our schools through the One Mill for Schools initiative.”

The One Mill for Schools is a ballot initiative first approved by Alachua County voters in 2008 and three times since then to fund art, music and other programs in local schools.

The students named All State musicians, their grade, their All State ensembles, and their instruments/vocal categories are as follows:

BHS Band - Noah Graben, director

Lauren Gandy, 10                           9-10 Concert Band                               Clarinet
Justin de Jesus, 10                         9-10 Concert Band                               Saxophone
Jordan Miller, 12                             11-12 Symphony Orchestra                  Oboe
Alyssa Moskalenko, 10                   9-10 Concert Orchestra                        Clarinet
Alicia Parfait, 10                              9-10 Concert Band                               Clarinet
Ian Rentz, 12                                   11-12 Symphonic Band                        Trombone
Hunter Schroeder, 12                      11-12 Symphonic Band                        Trumpet
Zach Urbine, 12                                High School Jazz Band                       Trombone
Madelyn Urbine, 10                         9-10 Concert Band                                French Horn
Andrew Waybright, 12                     11-12 Symphonic Band                        Trumpet
Harrison Zunkel, 10                         9-10 Concert Orchestra                        French Horn

BHS Chorus/Orchestra - Lindsey Tran, director

Sofia Stetter, 12                              SSAA Chorus                                         Soprano
Pranay Gadikotam, 9                      9-10 Concert Orchestra                         Violin

EHS Chorus - Erin Cook, director

Elizabeth Offerle, 11                        High School Mixed Chorus                    Soprano

Ft. Clarke MS Band - Everett McConn, director

Brendon Gandy, 8                            MS Band                                                Alto Saxophone
Zachary Caldwell, 7                         MS Band                                                Clarinet

GHS Band - Bill Pirzer, director

Malik Mullino, 12                              11-12 Symphonic Band                        Clarinet
Emerson Barat, 10                           9-10 Concert Orchestra                        French Horn

GHS Chorus - Rebecca Ruescher, director

Sean Bernard, 11                             TTBB Chorus                                        Tenor

Howard Bishop MS Band - Amy Beres, director

Nathan Roberts, 8                            MS Honor Band                                    Baritone Saxophone

Lincoln MS Band/Orchestra - Todd Eckstein, director

Derek Ai, 8                                        MS Band                                               Clarinet
Daniel Ai, 8                                       MS Band                                               Clarinet
Matheus Ribeiro Do Valle, 8             MS Orchestra                                        1st Violin
Isaac Son, 8                                      MS Orchestra                                        2nd Violin
Thenula Fernando, 8                        MS Orchestra                                         2nd Violin
Maggie Gao, 8                                  MS Orchestra                                         Viola
Christopher Jeong, 8                        MS Orchestra                                         Viola
Alexander Hsu, 8                              MS Orchestra                                         Cello

NHS Band - James DeRemer, director

Aaron Everson, 12                          HS Honor Band                                      Trombone
Jonathan Pruim, 11                         HS Honor Band                                      Trombone

SFHS Band - Jacob Massena, director

Juliet Taylor, 12                                HS Honor Band                                      Euphonium

Wiles Elementary Chorus/Orff - Carrie Olson, director

Quinn Curchy, 5                               Elementary Chorus
Louisa McGargill, 5                          Elementary Chorus
Anabelle Vilaro, 5                             Elementary Chorus
Race Neupane, 5                             Elementary Chorus
Kayla Lenius, 4                                Orff Ensemble
Claire Olson, 4                                 Orff Ensemble
Fiona Xu, 5                                      Orff Ensemble
Jessica Zou, 5                                 Orff Ensemble