Regular participation in classes is critical to student success. State law specifies that full-time virtual students meet compulsory attendance requirements. Attendance must be taken for students in Alachua Virtual School and have the same guidelines related to truancy as students in brick and mortar schools. Taking attendance is mandatory and must be recorded on a regular and ongoing basis. The online teachers and virtual school administrators are responsible for student attendance records and monitoring and reporting attendance.

Attendance is based on participation; if weekly assignments are not submitted following the course pace chart, a student will be considered absent. Each course has a minimum number of assignments due weekly, and all assignments must be received to be considered present for the week.

Virtual "attendance" is taken each school day. To have satisfactory "attendance," work must be submitted weekly regardless of student's pacing, unless arrangements are made in advance with the Alachua Virtual School teachers and staff.

Failure to consistently "attend" school could result in failed course(s) and a truancy report being filed with the Alachua County Court system.