• Safer, Smarter Kidsclassroom

    Our students made huge gains in their safety knowledge through the SaferSmarter Kidsclassroom guidance unit this year!  The red bars represent the number of students who reported they knew the answer to the prompts after the unit (the blue are the number of students reporting they knew the answer before the unit began).


    Tori Charette surveyed the kindergartners before and after the six week unit, in groups of four.  She surveyed all 46 students who were present for the pretest and all 56 students who were present for the posttest.  We had several students who transferred to Rawlings during the six week period.

    Students reported (with a thumbs up or thumbs down) whether they knew:
    1.  I know what my business voice is
    2.  I have a trusted triangle of adults.
    3. I know how to identify a stranger.
    4.  I know the difference between safe and unsafe touches.
    5.  I know the difference between tattling and reporting.

    From informal assessments of student's knowledge through discussion of picture prompts during the last few sessions, I believe they students have a much better understanding of how to problem solve in potentially unsafe situations, which we can continue to build on as they develop.

    Thank you, kindergarten team, for allowing us to work with your terrific students!

    Shannon B. Pettit, Ed.S, NCC

    School Counselor

    M.K. Rawlings Elementary School