Center for Fine Arts


    Something requiring highly developed techniques and skills, appreciated for its aesthetic purpose and valued for its expressiveness.

    VISIONRawlings Rockets

    Offer increased opportunities within Arts content areas to continue to develop students academically and artistically preparing them to be responsible contributing citizens in a globally connected world.


    Increase student achievement through Performing and Visual Art experiences.

    Infuse Arts into all curricular areas within the school day, for every student.

    Showcase performance and achievement to the greater Alachua County community and state of Florida. Prepare students in grades 1-5 to enter district performing Arts programs in a variety of Arts settings and content areas.


    Grades Pre K - 5 will contain a Curriculum CORE of Fine Arts; Dance, Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, Vocal Performance, and Theatrical Studies. Grades 4 and 5 are the FOCUS GROUPS for the M.K. Rawlings Elementary Center for Fine Arts. Grades 4 and 5 will FOCUS on specific areas of Visual and Performance art. FOCUS GROUPS will continue to study the fine arts curriculum core and in addition will identify a particular area of interest and emphasis will be placed on refining and preparing students for further study in secondary fine arts.


  • Reflecting Difference: An inquiry into the fundamentals of inclusive music pedagogy across four countries in four continents. Rawlings Elementary Center for Fine Arts collaborates on Zoom based inclusion project with schools in Australia, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Agrigento: Advancing music as social action