SAC (School Advisory Council)

  • The Eastside High School SAC serves as a resource and advisory council to the school principal.  The primary purpose of the SAC is to provide input in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the school’s SIP (School  Improvement Plan), as required by state statute.  The SAC is comprised of representatives from each of the various stakeholder groups within the learning/school community.  Teachers, education support employees, students, parents and other business and community citizens meet together with the school principal where he receives and considers their advice as he makes decisions necessary for administrating and supervising the school.

    The School Advisory Council shall:

    • perform such functions as may be prescribed by the School Board;
    • assist in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the school improvement plan required by Florida Statutes;
    • promote communication among students, staff, parents, administration, and the community;
    • provide input on the school's annual budget and the use of school improvement funds;
    • request waiver of School Board of Alachua County policies, Florida Statutes or State board of Education Rules which will allow the SAC plan to be implemented or school personnel to establish innovative educational practices and methods; and
    • serve as a resource for the principal and perform such other functions as are requested by the Principal.

Meeting Dates

  • All SAC Meetings are held in the Eastside High School Media Center at 4:00 pm. All parents and interested members of the school community are invited to attend.

    EHS School Improvement Plan


    Tentative 2021-2022 meetings

    Septembre 2nd, 2021 

    October 7th, 2021



  • Principal

    Leroy Williams

    Teacher Representatives

    Maria Zelaya
    Coral Antony

    Parent Representatives

    Mr Praveen Pathak 

    Quentin Eyman

    Career Service Representative

    Saundra Scrivner

    Community Representatives


    Student Representatives