Health and Wellness

  •  Not feeling your best?  Perhaps we can help...

    • Students needing to see the nurse for routine care must obtain a pass from their classroom teacher to be admitted to the clinic.
    • The school will follow regulations regarding dispensing of medication.
    • Parental permission is necessary to distribute medications to students.
    • Parents/guardians are asked to share health concerns with the school to ensure student safety (i.e. new medications or procedures, mental health needs or counseling services, pregnancy, etc).
    • A registered nurse and an assistant will help you with the appropriate forms and permissions.
    • All medications MUST be picked up by the parent before the last day of the school year.  Medications cannot be kept over the summer.
    • Please email nurse Ellis at ellissa at gm. if you need any other information

     ImageMore Health and Wellness information can be found at our district site.