School Counselor

  • Every student at Norton Elementary participates in
    our guidance program through grade-level classroom
    lessons. Topics are specific to each grade level, and
    include the following:

     Pre-K and Kindergarten: School Readiness Skills and Social Skills
     1 st Grade: Personal Safety
     2 nd Grade: Career Education
     3 rd Grade: Goal Setting, Test-Taking Skills, and Social Skills
     4 th Grade: Personal Safety, including Online Safety
     5 th Grade: Middle School Readiness and Human Growth

    In addition to providing classroom guidance to all of our students, the
    counselor is available to consult with parents about a variety of issues;
    including academic, social, and emotional concerns. The counselor can
    provide referrals to local agencies, if needed. In addition, two parent
    nights will be held in the Fall:

    Kindergarten Parent Workshop
    Middle School Parent Night

    Please contact our School Counselor, Sydney Vahdatpour , with any questions or

    Ph: 352-955-6765