EDEP at Shell Elementary

 Debbie Bass, Coordinator



Degrees and Certifications:

Debbie Bass, Coordinator

Email: bassdl (@gm.sbac.edu)

Phone: 352-481-1901
Program Hours: school dismissal to 6:00 pm

TAX ID# 59-6000500

 Link to the District EDEP Site

Program Information

  • CLOSING TIME:  Is at 6:00 p.m.  Please note in the parent handbook, after 6:00 p.m. there will be a late fee of $15 for every 15 minutes, per child.


    CHANGE IN SCHEDULE?  Parents, if your child will not be attending EDEP, please notify Mrs. Bass to let her know that your child will not be there.  YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY!


EDEP Weekly Fees

  • Costs

    Full Rate: First Child $48.00
    Each additional Sibling $42
    (At the same location)

    Scholarship Rate III: First Child $32.00
    Each additional Sibling $28
    (At the same location)

    Scholarship Rate II: First Child $20.00
    Each additional Sibling $17
    (At the same location)

    Scholarships are available based on household income. The parent must complete an application and submit income verification to determine the proper fees to be charged. Until the scholarship form is processed everyone will pay the full rate.

    Payments may be made by credit card or bank account using the Kinderlime parent app.  Payments may also be made by check or cash at the EDEP office. 

    Please DO NOT drop checks off in the front office or with your child’s teacher.

    Fees are always due no later than Monday of the current week.

EDEP 2019 -2020 registration

  • New Student Registration

    Online registration for EDEP is temporarily unavailable. To enroll in EDEP for the 2019-2020 school year please visit the Shell Elementary EDEP office in the cafeteria. Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will begin in May and a wait list will be started if EDEP reaches capacity.

Registration Information

  • Registration begins in May of the previous school year.  Currently, Shell EDEP is serving more than 20% of the school population.  

    Fees for the first week are due before your child begins attending.

Our Daily Schedule

  • Here at EDEP, we like to provide a program which is both enriching and fun. We have put together a schedule which will allow the children plenty of time to do Homework and be able to participate in a variety of themed activities.

    Daily Schedule

    Mon., Tues., Th., & Fri. Schedule
    2:52-3:10    Roll Call
    3:10-3:40    Homework
    3:40-4:10    Organized Game/Free Play
    4:10-4:30    Supper Meal
    4:30-5:00    Activity 1
    5:00-5:30    Activity 2
    5:30-6:00    Clean Up
    Wed. Schedule
    1:37-2:00    Roll Call
    2:00-2:45    Organized Games/Free Play
    2:45-3:25    Homework
    3:25-4:10    Activity 1
    4:10 -4:30   Supper Meal
    4:30-5:15    Activity 2
    5:15 -5:30   Free Play
    5:30 -6:00   Clean Up


Important Information

  • Homework

    We offer homework time every day except Fridays. We encourage students to do their work and assist in any way that we can.  Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to offer individual tutoring.  


    Please park at the back of the lunchroom next to the dumpster and go through the single gate. Follow the sidewalk until you have reach the first glass door. That will be the door you will enter to pick up your child.

    For security purposes, this door may be locked at times so please knock and an adult will let you in. You will then enter Mrs. Bass's office to sign out your child.