School Nurse

  • The nurse is available to students who become ill or are injured while at school. In no way is the school nurse a substitute for a student’s medical doctor. If a student becomes ill or injured during school, she/he is to come to the clinic unless physically unable to do so. If too ill to attend class, arrangements are made from the clinic for the student to go home. The purpose of the clinic is to maintain student’s health and to minimize class absences. The school clinic is not intended to be an infirmary.

    According to school policy, no student may carry medication on his/her person while at school with the exceptions of epipens and asthma inhalers.


    School Nurse: Christine Mullally


    Administration of Medication

    Administration of medications at school can be performed only if medication schedules cannot be adjusted to provide for administration at home or in a case of emergency. Prior to medication administration, medication forms must be renewed at the beginning of every school year or if the medication prescription changes. Please see the forms below for medication administration.

    The forms are also required for self-carried EpiPens and inhalers. It is critical that we are aware of the availability of any potentially life-saving medications for your child.

    If your child may require administration of over the counter medication during school hours (ie pain relievers for headache, migraines, menstrual cramps, etc.). We ask parents to provide the medication with a written approval form.

    All medications must be in the original medication container and within expiration date. Medications will not be administered if medication is expired. All medication bottles must have your child’s first and last name clearly printed on it.

    Attention to all returning parents/guardians, medications that were brought to the clinic last year will not carry over to this school year. End of the year medication procedures requires all left over medications to be discarded using CDC suggested guidelines. Therefore, a new parental consent form is required as well as new medication bottle for over the counter medication administration. At the end of the year, the nurse will notify parents/guardians at least two weeks before the end of school that they must pick up any remaining medication by a specific date.


    For more information about district health and wellness, visit out district site.