HBMS Yearbook Information

  • 2019-2020 Yearbooks are still coming!

    COVID-19 disrupted a lot of things this year, including yearbook production. Our yearbooks are printed in Texas, and the plant was closed until May 18. We don't know exactly when they will arrive here in Gainesville, but rest assured that everyone who ordered a yearbook will receive one. And there will be additional yearbooks for purchase for those who didn't order online.

    The distribution point for the yearbooks will most likely be at Westwood Middle School, the location of our temporary school next year. More information on that as we get an idea of our timeline. 

    Thank you for your patience. This is a special yearbook, as it is the last one from our current campus. It's also a great way to feel connected to our school after the abrupt, albeit necessary, dismissal. I'll keep you posted! 

    Ms. Colson, Media Specialist