Parking, Picking Up and Dropping Off

  • At Hidden Oak, we use Pikmykid as our dismissal management system. Pikmykid is an app-based tool that allows the parents to notify the school of dismissal changes and add or remove people who are approved for pickup. The school uses the app to notify parents when their child has been dismissed from school and for emergency/important notifications. Specific directions are available through the front office.

    Students are dismissed in one of five areas. Parents are asked to identify the primary method of dismissal at the beginning of the year. Dismissal locations are:

    1. Car Pick-up: This option is for parents who want to drive their vehicle through the drop off/pick-up line and have their child loaded into the vehicle. 

    2. Walker/Bike Rider: This option is for students who walk or ride their bikes home in the afternoon.  Parents…if you walk to school, we ask that you wait on the north or south end of the parking lot for your child. Please do not wait for your child at the front of the school.

    3. Bus/Day Care: This option is for students who are picked up from school by a day car vehicle or the school bus. The majority of these students are picked up in the bus loop.

    4. EDEP: Our school-based after school program. Attendance in EDEP must be approved by our school EDEP Coordinator before attending.

    Automobile Loading/Unloading and Parking Lot Safety

    Parents, please read the following and help keep our students safe. We ask that all drivers attend to the following:

    · The main driveway that passes directly in front of the school is the only designated student drop-off and pick-up location.

    · Please do not ask your child to disobey school rules by motioning him/her to come to your car, or by asking them to leave your car, when not in the loading/unloading zone.

    · Students must always be escorted by an adult when walking through the parking lot. Always use crosswalks.

    · The bus lane is for buses and service vehicles only. No personal vehicles are permitted in the bus lane between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.