AP/Honors Courses Offerings





    English 1 Honors

    Grade Level




    Pre AP English 1 9th
    English 2 Honors 10th
    Pre AP English 2 10th
    English 3 Honors 11th
    AP English Language and Composition 11th
    English 4 Honors 12th
    AP English Literature and Composition 12th



    Physical Science Honors 9th
    AP Environmental Science 9th   -12th
    Biology Honors 10th
    AP Biology 10th
    Chemistry Honors 11th   or 12th
    AP Chemistry 11th   or 12th
    Anatomy and Physiology Honors 11th   or 12th
    AP Physics 12th



    Social Studies:  
    World History Honors 9th
    AP World History 9th
    AP European History 10th-12th
    AP Human Geography 10th-12th
    AP Psychology 10th-12th
    US History Honors 11th
    AP US History 11th
    American Government Honors 12th
    AP American Government 12th
    Economics Honors 12th
    AP Microeconomics 12th
    AP Macroeconomics  



    Algebra   1 Honors 9th
    Algebra   2 Honors 9th     or 10th
    Geometry   Honors 9th   -12th
    Pre-Calculus   Honors 10th-12th
    AP   Calculus AB 11th   or 12th
    AP   Calculus BC 12th
    AP   Statistics 10th-12th



    Foreign Language:  
    AP   French Language 12th
    AP   Spanish Language 11th   or 12th
    AP   Spanish Literature 12th


    AP   Art/Drawing 11th   or 12th
    AP   Art Studio 11th   or 12th
    AP   Computer Science 10th-12th
    AP   Music Theory 10th-12th



    All AP and Honors classes are subject to teacher recommendation and required pre-requisites. Please see the Course Catalog for more information