After School Options


    • Car Pick-Up (front of the school, either drive thru the line or walk up)
    • Walkers/Bikers (behind the school by the bus loop, for families who live in the Wellington Neighborhood)
    • Bus
    • EDEP (Extended Day Enrichment Program)
    • Private Daycare (see below)


    Private Daycare Providers

    Below is a list of private daycare providers that will pick the students up from school and transport them to the daycare location. Click on the name of each provider to visit their website.

    Please note

    This list is subject to change - currently, it is a list of daycare providers from the 2023 - 2024 school year.

    All daycare options listed are neither affiliated with, endorsed nor sponsored by Alachua County Public Schools.

    This list is intended to be a helpful resource as you begin to plan your child's care for after the school day ends.