Student Counseling

School Counseling Services

  • The School Board of Alachua County recognizes that comprehensive school counseling programs are essential to each student’s academic achievement, personal and social development, and career success.

    A comprehensive school counseling program, when delivered in a collaborative relationship among school, parents, and community, provides students with the skills necessary for them to become successful lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and productive workers.  School counselors, in addition to providing counseling services, provide instruction in essential skills required for success in school, community and work settings.   These skills include:

    • Academic/Learning Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Relationship/Friendship Skills
    • Decision Making/Problem Solving/Self Management Skills
    • Organization and Planning Skills
    • Academic, College and Career Planning Skills

    The ultimate goal of comprehensive school counseling programs is student success. The program is delivered through the school counseling curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, program management, and system support. The three domains of academic, personal/social, and career development are addressed in the program as it focuses on what all students, PreK through grade12, should know, understand, and be able to do in order to develop into contributing members of their communities.

    School counselors serve as school leaders, student advocates, and team collaborators to remove systemic barriers to student success. Working together with school administrators, other professional educators, and community members, their collaborative approach produces measurable results that are shared and used to guide program improvement.  Targeted outcomes of fully implemented programs include increased student achievement, an improved graduation rate, better attendance, reduced disciplinary referrals, completed individual learning plans, and increased student participation in the community.

    School counselors are also experts in mental health resources and local services.  They are available to talk to, support and assess risk for students in need.

    For more information about school counseling in Alachua County contact the district Student Services office or your child’s school.

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