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    Establishing an effective system that ensures Alachua County youth and their families receive resources necessary to be safe, healthy, educated, and work ready.

    Who we Are

    The System of Care (SOC) is an Alachua County Public Schools District Program.  The SOC IMPACT TEAMS consist of masters level social workers and mental health counselors assigned to high-need schools.  They provide intensive mental health counseling and wrap-around social services.  The SOC network consists of 125 public and private agencies working together to provide services to help families with complex needs, stay connected as a family, and to help the child stay in the community.  This process is driven by the family and their support team, and helps to ensure that services result in positive outcomes for all.

    Every day our children navigate various organization systems, which may include school systems, healthcare systems, legal systems, law enforcement systems, and family systems.  Therefore, collaboration among these systems is critical to positive outcomes for our children.

    The Alachua County System of Care (SOC) builds on Alachua County’s history of collaboration to develop interventions for vulnerable youth and provide alternatives to juvenile court referrals.

    What We Do

     Once a student has been identified, the school then obtains consent from the parent and completes the referral.  The school then refers qualified students to the SOC.


    …we work together to find out what is needed to help your child be successful.

    …we find out what is needed to help family members cope with everyday stresses.

    …we follow a process called “wraparound,” which means that supports and services are “wrapped around” your child and family.

    …we find creative solutions based on your family’s strengths, needs and culture and the uniqueness of your neighborhood and SOC team.

    Key Players

    • Community: Child and Parent/Guardian
    • School staff from selected pilot schools
    • System of Care team (backbone agency)
    • Social and Health Services

    Our Goals

    • To provide high quality, child centered, family focused, cost effective, community-based services to at-risk youth and their families.
    • Assess and treat at-risk students according to their needs
    • Train school personnel
    • Improve classroom behavior/reduce suspensions
    • Increase academic achievement and overall graduation rates
    • Increase employment of positive student engagement strategies by School Resource Police/Deputies
    • Decrease Juvenile Arrests

    It is about empowering the child and family to learn how to utilize natural / formal supports and community resources successfully.

Contact Us

  • Veita Jackson-Carter, M.Ed.
    Students to Successful Citizens/System of Care
    Alachua County Public Schools
    (352) 955-7671, Ext. 1675
    Fax (844) 410-6814

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