School Board Districts

  • The School Board of Alachua County has approved new residency districts for Board members in a process called ‘redistricting.’

    Under Florida law, Board members or anyone running for a School Board seat must live within the district associated with that seat. It’s also important that the Board member districts be balanced by size and, if possible, by demographics.

    The School Board approved the new district boundaries on December 7, 2021. Until that date, the last time the boundaries had been revised was in 2001.  Data from the 2020 Census was used to develop the new district maps.

    Although Board members must live in the appropriate district, all voters in the county vote on all School Board seats.

    Information about the new School Board districts is available on this site, including a description of the Census blocks in each district and maps for each district. The maps allow citizens to type in their address to determine the School Board member district in which it is located. Also included is a link to a site that allows citizens to type in their address to determine their Census block.

    School Board Redistricting Resolution (with description of Census Blocks)

    Interactive District Maps

    Find Your Census Block