Department Directory

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Department Administrator Telephone / Fax
21st Century Learning
email: montgoml
Melissa Montgomery
T- (352) 955-7605
Adult Education / GED
email: wisecj
Charley Wise, Supervisor
T- 352-955-7035
F- 844-269-7587
Board Agenda Information
email: peckjo
Jenny Peck, Secretary to the Superintendent
T- 352-955-7546
F- 352-505-1682
Business Services
email: rellaar
Alex Rella, Assistant Superintendent
T- 352-955-7559
Career & Technical Education
email: mcelroywc
Bill McElroy, Director
T- 352-955-6847
F- 844-772-7672
Charter Schools
Everett Caudle
T- 352-955-7605
Communications and Community Initiatives
email: jackie.johnson
Jackie Johnson, Director
T- 352-955-7545
F- 844-273-4946
Community Planning and Concurrency
email: wynnsm
Suzanne Wynn, Director
T- 352-955-7400 ext. 1445
F- 844-273-3852
Curriculum: ESOL/Secondary English/Language Arts
email: fitzpad
Donald Fitzpatrick
T- 352-955-7622
F- 844-410-6813
Curriculum: Elementary & Secondary
email: wisejl
Jennifer Wise, Executive Director
T- 352-955-7444
F- 844-269-9418
Deputy Superintendent
Donna Jones
T- 352-955-7544
F- 352-505-1682
Directory Assistance
email: browercj
Connie Brower
T- 352-955-7300
Driver's Education

Scott Pritchett
T- 352-955-6959
Early Learning Development & The Parent Academy
email: strappyng
Natalie Strappy
T- 352-955-6875
Education Foundation
email: debigarere
Rachel Debigare , Executive Director
T- 352-955-7250 ext 6415
F- 352-955-7122
Employee Benefits
email: boltelk
Laura Bolte - Medical / Life
T- 352-955-7577
F- 352-955-7443
Energy Systems
email: spurlita
Theresa Spurlingwood
T- 352-955-7400, ext 1430
F- 352-955-6872
Equal Opportunity / Non-Discrimination
Bart Brooks, Supervisor
T- 352-955-7713
F- 352-955-7574
Equity and Outreach (Educational)
email: freemavd
Valerie Freeman, Director
T- 352-955-7880
F- 352-505-1682
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
email: fitzpatrickdk
Donald Fitzpatrick
T- 352-955-7627
Exceptional Student Education
email: kidweld
Donna Kidwell, Executive Director
T- 352-955-7671 ext 1608
F- 844-410-6813
Extended Day Enrichment Program
email: londriae
Angel Londrie, Coordinator
T- 352-955-7766
F- 844-410-6813
Facilities, Maintenance, Planning & Construction
email: whitepd
email: cowartta
Paul White, Assistant Superintendent
Tom Cowart, Director
T- 352-955-7760
email: rellaar
Alex Rella
T- 352-955-7559
Food & Nutrition Services
email: eunicemd
Maria Eunice, Director
T- 352-955-7539, ext 1561
F- 844-726-2919
email: patty.underwood
Patty Underwood
T- 352-955-7547
F- 352-955-6700
FTE & State Reporting
Email: nealkm
Kim Neal, Director
T- (352) 955-7712
Gifted Student Education
email: kidweld
Donna Kidwell
T- 352-955-7671 ext. 1608
F- 844-410-6814
Health Services
email: shelarmh
Michele Shelar, Supervisor
T- 352-955-7671 ext. 1612
F- 844-410-6814
Help Desk - Employee Computer Support
email: helpdesk
Daniel Eakins
T- 352-955-7500
Home School
email: leejm
Jejetta Lee
T- 352-955-7250 ext. 6402
Homeless Education
email: pierresj
Syltane Pierre, Coordinator
T- 352-955-7454
F- 844-269-7610
Human Resources
email: purviskl
Kevin Purvis, Assistant Superintendent
T- 352-955-7640
F- 844-360-3181
Information Resources

Uma Shankar, Director
T- 352-955-7517
Instructional Technology

Uma Shankar, Director
T- 352-955-6850
F- 352-955-6872
Maintenance & Construction
Tom Cowart, Director
T- 352-955-7400, ext. 1413
F- 844-273-3852
Media & Instructional Materials
email: bonnaghanml
Meaghan Bonnaghan, Supervisor
T- 352-955-6850, ext. 1506
F- 352-955-6872
Migrant Education
email: gomezdelatorrev
Victoria Gomez de la Torre, Supervisor
T- 352-955-6855
Office of Student Assignment & Zoning
email: nealkm
email: deanme
Kim Neal, Director
Martha Dean, Supervisor
T- 352-955-7700
F- 352-955-7990
Parent Academy: Early Learning Development/VPK
email: strappyng
Natalie Strappy, Executive Director
T- 352-955-6875
email: thompasdn
Dan Venturini, Supervisor II
T- 352-955-7660
F- 844-459-6690
Physical Distribution
email: killiancn
Chris Killian, Manager
T- 352-955-7753
F- 352-955-7417
Professional Development
email: criscionebl
email: shocklab
Bessie Criscione, Supervisor
Amy Shockley, Supervisor
T- 352-955-7650
F- 352-955-7649
Project Development
email: caudleew
Everett Caudle, Director
T- 352-955-7605
Psychoeducational Services
email: reedd
Dr. Donald Reed
T- 352-955-7671 ext. 1616
F- 844-821-6920
Wayne Hackett, Executive Director, Finance & Purchasing
T- 352-955-7580
Research, Assessment and School Improvement
email: charbojl
Jeff Charbonnet, Director
T- 352-955-7681
email: mcdowebn
Brandi McDowell
T- 352-955-7577
Risk Management
email: jamisosh
Scott Jamison
T- 352-955-7655
F- 844-591-4330
Safety & Security
Casey Hamilton
T- 352-955-7514
F- 352-955-6700
Science Fair
Carly Mikell
T- 352-955-7622
Staff Attorney
email: moorebt
Brian Moore
T- 352-955-7461
F- 352-955-7598
Student Records
Wanda Gilmore
Deborah Difranco
T- (352) 955-7740
F- (844) 269-7051
Student Support Services
email: kidweld
Donna Kidwell, Executive Director
T- 352-955-7671 ext. 1608
F- 844-410-6814
Students to Successful Citizens / System of Care
Veita Jackson-Carter, M.Ed., Director
T- (352) 955-7671, ext 1604
F- (844) 410-6814
Teacher Production Lab
email: teacherslab
David Stanley, Manager
T- 352-955-6850
F- 352-955-6872
Title 1
email: fortnev
Valdenora Fortner, Director
T- 352-955-7634
email: thomasrr
Reginald Thomas, Director
T- 352-955-7602 ext. 1714
F- 844-269-8978
Voice Communications
email: footenr
Nathan Foote, Manager
T- 352-955-6982
F- 352-955-7744
Voluntary Pre-K Program
email: strappyng
Natalie Strappy, Executive Director
T- 352-955-6875
Volunteer & Business Partnership Program
email: kostamkb
Kelley Kostamo, Coordinator
T- 352-955-7250 ext 6411
F- 352-955-7122
Worker's Compensation
email: deassa
Susie Deas
T- 352-955-7677
Zoning/Office of Student Assignment
Kim Neal, Director
Martha Dean, Supervisor
T- 352-955-7700
F- 352-955-7990
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