• National English Honors Society (NEHS)

    Eastside's Spiritus Mundi Chapter of NEHS recently celebrated its 6th year as a member of the national organization.

    Qualification for membership requires a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 GPA in English. Students can join sophomore year. Freshman can join the local chapter to help encourage interest and talent in English. Although they aren't eligible to be recognized nationally, joining early helps to smooth the transition into NEHS as a junior/senior.

    NEHS is an umbrella organization for several small clubs including: poetry club, college essay group, SAT study group, cinematography club, and book club. Participation in Writers' Club and Room to Read Club also count toward NEHS service hours. New English-related clubs can be created by any member under NEHS.

    Sponsor: Mrs. Reynierson