Clinic at Lincoln

  • School Nurse: 
    Claudia Smith

    Tips to stay Healthy 

    Most Communicable diseases can be prevented by practicing good personal hygiene. All children should to be reminded of certain essential practices such as hand washing before meals and after using the restrooms. School nurses are available to provide handwashing classes to students. Won't you help spread the word?

    Student Health Room Records:

    1. When student arrives at the health room with a note from the teacher or a verbal complaint, take care of urgent (first aid) problems before paperwork, and make the student comfortable.
    2. Check Student Data and Emergency Information Card for health problems, allergies, etc.
    3. Enter all data onto clinic's Health Room Log.
    4. Serious injuries must also be documented on accident reports as required by School Board policy.
    5. Clinic Pass will be used as documentation of health interventions provided.

Health and Wellness Forms