• Student Services Overview

    Alachua County Public Schools and Lincoln Middle School make students our top priority. The Alachua County Student Services department encompasses a variety of support service programs whose mission is to maximize the academic, health, personal-social, and career development of each student. Support programs include: 

    • School Counseling
    • School Social Services
    • Psychoeducational Services
    • Health Services
    • Student Discipline
    • Student Attendance/Dropout Prevention
    • Student Records


  • Dean's Office

    The deans at Lincoln are here to support the Positive Behavior Support system and are an asset to the educational environment. Our deans are ready and able to help our students with any situation. 

    Deans Staff

    • Lilliemarie Goar, Dean 
      • gorela
    • Robert LeBlanc, Dean 
      • leblancrc

    Note: All email addresses are followed with @gm.sbac.edu. 

  • School Counseling

    School counselors serve student's needs in a variety of ways, ranging from crisis support to recommending after-school programs. 

    Counseling Staff

    • Dr. Marcia Hardney, Counselor
      • hardneyme
    • Mary Williams, Counselor
      • williamsmr

    Note: All email addresses are followed with @gm.sbac.edu. 

  • School Clinic

    Our school clinic provides students with first aid and health and wellness information so that our students can live their healthiest and happiest lives at school. 

    Clinic Staff

    • TBA, Nurse

    Note: All email addresses are followed by @gm.sbac.edu.

    Student Health Room Records:

    1. When a student arrives in the health room with a note from the teacher or a verbal complaint, we take care of urgent (first aid) problems before paperwork, and make the student comfortable.
    2. Check Student Data and Emergency Information Card for health problems, allergies, etc.
    3. Enter all data into the clinic's Health Room Log.
    4. Serious injuries must also be documented on accident reports as required by School Board policy.
    5. Clinic Pass will be used as documentation of health interventions provided.