• Terwilliger Checkout Policy

    Terwilliger Checkout Policy

    Students check out library books during their weekly scheduled Media time. After all classes have been seen at the beginning of the year students can check out books before 7:35 a.m and during the school day with their classroom teacher’s permission.

    Kindergarten: One book at a time for one week, beginning in late September with a signed permission slip.
    Kindergarteners will not take library books home.  They will remain in the classroom.  A parent or guardian may check out library books for your child to read at home.

    1st Grade: One book at a time for one week at the beginning of the year. Two books at a time beginning in January with a good library record.

    2nd Grade-  Two books at a time for one week.

    3rd – 5th Grade: Two books at a time for one week. Three books beginning in January with good library record.  Books may be renewed for an additional week.

    Lost or Overdue Book Policy-

    If a book is not returned on time, students will be given a reminder.

    When a book is overdue for more than 4 weeks it becomes marked as "Lost"  Students will not be allowed to check out books if they have Lost books. 

    Students can make payments toward a Lost book, work off the debt doing work in the Library during Media time, or replace the Lost book with a book of their own with Mrs. Swal's approval.

    Items that are damaged or lost will be assessed a replacement fee and students cannot check out until the fee is paid or remedied.

    Any student who has a question about an overdue book is encouraged to check with the library staff right away.

    Books may be returned to the library at any time.

    Students with Lost books cannot go on field trips or attend class parties unless a payment toward the book is made or the book is returned or replaced.

    The ability to select and return Library materials is a lifelong skill, and your child’s responsibility!

    We recommend students keep library books in their backpack when they are not using them.

    We also ask students to be careful with liquids in their book bags when carrying books to and from school.

    Thank you for being responsible by returning books on time and taking good care of them so that all of our students can enjoy them.

    If you have any concerns about a lost book or other Library/Media matters please do not hesitate to contact the Media Center.  We are always happy to help!

    Amanda Swal, Media Specialist