Our School Parking Protocols

  • This page is currently being updated for the 2024 - 2025 school year. Please check back soon.

    • If not using the circular drive for drop-off, please park and walk your child through all the crosswalks. 
    • Please do not park or enter the bus drive at any time.
    • Please drive as far around as possible in the front circular drive in the morning before stopping to let your child out of the car or when picking your child up in the afternoon.
    • Please honor all signs and traffic cones for safety.  Do not move traffic cones or drive over them.
    • If your child is not in the car pick-up waiting area when picking him/her up, please let the supervising adult know.
    • Please do not park in the faculty/staff parking lot on the NE front of the building.


    MeadowBrook Parking