Testimonials: Class of 2022

  • What skills did you learn while in the Cambridge program that have served you as you transitioned to higher education, and how has the Cambridge program prepared you for your college experience?

    • I was able to improve my time-management skills. Through rigorous coursework in the Cambridge program, I was able to manage my time better, as well as balance academics with extracurriculars. I also developed stronger critical thinking abilities. The curriculum taught by teachers in the Cambridge program at GHS helped me to think outside the box and consider situations from a new perspective.
    • We had to balance many high-level classes in Cambridge, which I feel prepared to do now in college as well. I also feel that I add insightful contributions to discussions, can write long papers, and have the skills to give presentations in my public speaking class.
    • One of the best parts of being in the Cambridge program for me was being surrounded by other motivated, supportive students who hold similar drives and motives. Other than that, the teachers along the way were amazing. I miss them, but they taught me the value of participation, asking questions, and actively learning.

    What advantages do you have as a result of earning college credit or as a result of earning the Cambridge diploma?

    • As an engineering major at UF currently, I need to earn 100+ credits before graduating. Earning college credit from AP and AICE exams from the Cambridge program allowed me to accumulate multiple semesters worth of course credits, saving me a lot of time as a result. Earning the Cambridge diploma also granted me the Bright Futures Academic Scholars Scholarship, which helped me significantly with course and textbook fees.
    • My Cambridge courses satisfied many of my general education requirements, so I have been able to immediately start taking the classes that I enjoy and that are related to my major. Also, the Cambridge diploma requirements forced me to choose classes that I would not necessarily have chosen, but by broadening my scope of classes, that helped a lot with skipping my general education classes.
    • I only have one general education course to fulfill, meaning I am already taking high-level, specialized classes for my major that I normally would have taken as an upperclassman.
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