Gifted Social Studies

  • Gifted students have the advantage of advanced classes in Social Studies.  These advanced classes are distinguished by acceleration, enrichment, sophistication, and novelty.  Gifted Social Studies is seen as a three-year program, in which students learn more than just the prescribed curricula.  Students learn, as a thread through 6th, 7th & 8th grade, the research & analytical skills they need to have a head start in the Honors, AP, IB & Cambridge programs that are offered in Alachua County high schools.

    Social Studies Curricula

    6th: World History

    7th: Civics

    8th: U.S. History 


    Digital textbooks & resources

    Six computer labs & classroom MacBooks

    Primary & secondary sources

    Stanford’s Reading Like a Historian

    The DBQ Project (AP prep)

    Partnership with UF Libraries

    Critical/lateral thinking puzzles

    Music from various cultures

    UF guest speakers

    Hands-on Projects

    Historical fiction writing

    Maps, posters, & other visuals

    Computer generated products (PowerPoint, Prezi, iWeb, iMovie, etc.)

    Living history projects

    Cultural cooking projects

    Mock debates & trials

    Internet Webquests

    Independent research projects

    Alachua County’s only participant in the National History Day program