Advanced Mathematics

  • Advanced mathematics’ main goal is to prepare students for their first taste of categorical math: Algebra and Geometry.  This is accomplished through enriching and real-world application problems and solutions that allow gifted students to dig down into the most vital aspects of the subject.

    Math options at Ft. Clarke Middle School:

    6th Grade Course of Study

    • Math
    • Math  Advanced
    • Grade 7 Math  Advanced (must pass district placement test)

    7th Grade Course of Study

    • Math
    • Gifted Math
    • Math  Advanced
    • Algebra I Honors (HS credit)

    8th Grade Course of Study

    • Pre-Algebra
    • Algebra 1 (HS credit)
    • Algebra I Honors (HS credit)
    • Geometry Honors (HS credit)
    • Advanced Math and Advanced Science at BHS (test score required, HS credit)