Westwood Programs Overview

  • The two programs offered at Westwood are:

    • Cambridge-  The Cambridge program at Westwood Middle School offers Florida BEST Standards with added rigor. Our goal is to increase students' ability and interest in being independent life-long learners. The students engage in collaborative learning that promotes critical thinking and integrates technology. They learn to communicate their ideas confidently through written and oral expression as they find solutions to problems and examine texts of history and literature.  (Learn more)

    • Westwood Tech- We offer an amazing selection of technology options at Westwood Middle School: (Learn more)

    VEX Robotics
    Encode / Create
    VEX VR
    Fablevision Amimation-ish
    ICT Curriculum
    Mindtap Microsoft Office Training
    Coding in Minecraft
    FabMaker Studio Certification
    Unity - Create with Code
    Rapid Prototyping & 3D Design