Course Catalog / Curriculum (Academics)

 6th Grade Academic Courses

  • 6th Grade

    Math 1

    Math 1 Advanced

    Reading 6

    Advanced Reading 6

    Language Arts 6

    Gifted Language Arts 6

    Advanced Language Arts 6

    World History Advanced

    Comprehensive Science 1

    Gifted Comprehensive Science 1

7th Grade Academic Courses

  • 7th Grade

    Math 2

    Math 2 Advanced

    Reading 7

    Gifted Reading 7

    Advanced Reading 7

    Language Arts 7

    Gifted Language Arts 7

    Advanced Language Arts 7


    Civics Advanced

    Comprehensive Science 2

    Gifted Comprehensive Science 2

    Advanced Comprehensive Science 2

8th Grade Academic Courses

  • 8th Grade


    Algebra 1 Honors

    Reading 8

    Advanced Reading 8

    Language Arts 8

    Advanced Language Arts 8

    Gifted Language Arts 8

    US History and Career Planning

    US History Advanced and Career Planning

    Comprehensive Science 3

    Gifted Comprehensive Science 3

    Advanced Comprehensive Science 3

Course Catalog / Curriculum (Elective)

  • Elective Opportunities

    Agriculture:  Work with animals and plants, using the Mebane farm to learn the fundamentals of agriculture.  

    Art:  Art 101 is for students to practice and learn the basics of design, line, and composition in 2-D elements and some 3-D instruction

    Beginning Band:  An introduction to reading music and creating music with fellow students.  No background necessary

    Symphonic Band:  For a more advanced band student, competition skills, composition and performance emphasized.

    Music:  Fundamentals of vocal, as well as musical performance.  No experience necessary.

    Office Aide / Media Aide / Team Aide:  Assist with clerical duties, including making copies, running errands, and creating materials.

    Physical Education:  Both semester and year-long Physical Education offer sports, health, and fitness

    Physical Education HOPE: (8th grade) Required credit for graduating high school.  Get this one completed before you even start high school.  Physical education and healthy living are emphasized.

    Spanish 1:  Basic vocabulary and conversational Spanish.  Passing the EOC test at the end of the year will earn a high school credit in foreign language.

    Bopmedical Magnet:  (6th grade). This year, explore the world of forensic science, with an emphasis on fingerprinting, deductive reasoning, crime scene analysis, and cooperative work.