EDEP at Glen Springs



Degrees and Certifications:

Amanda Kautz, Coordinator

Email: kautzaj (@gm.sbac.edu)

352-955-6708 ext.2425

Program Hours: School Dismissal to 5:30pm

TAX ID# 59-6000500

Link to the  District EDEP Site

EDEP Fee Information

  • Full Rate: First Child $60.00
    Each additional Sibling $54.00
    (At the same location)

    Scholarship Rate III: First Child $40.00
    Each additional Sibling $36.00
    (At the same location)

    Scholarship Rate II: First Child $25.00
    Each additional Sibling $22.00
    (At the same location)

     Scholarships are available based on household income. The parent must complete an application and income verification to determine the proper fees to be charged. Until this form is processed everyone will pay the full rate.


    Program Hours are from School Dismissal until 5:30pm

    Late Fees will be charged beginning at 5:31 at a rate of $15.00 per child for every 15 minutes you are late. Three late pick ups will result in dismissal from the program.


  • Homework Policy


    EDEP has homework time every day.  Each day we will bring all of the students together and encourage them to do their homework.  Homework time is optional and alternate activities will be available for those students that do not choose homework time.  Due to the large number of students in EDEP we are not able to provide one on one assistance to individual students.

  • Student Registration


    EDEP Registration for the 2021-2022 school year

    EDEP at Glen Springs is currently at capacity for the 2021-2022 school year.  If you would like to place your child on the wait list you can do so by clicking on the wait list button below.  When a spot opens up we will select a student from the wait list by lottery.  


    Join Waiting List


    If you have questions please email me at: Kautzaj @gm.sbac.edu


Program Information

  • Program Closes at 5:30pm

    Fees Due Every Monday

    Program Fees {Weekly} 

    Rate I: First Child: $60.00

    Each Additional Sibling $54.00

    Scholarship Rate III: First Child: $40.00

    Each Additional Sibling: $36.00

    Scholarship Rate II: First Child: $25.00

    Each Additional Sibling: $22.00

    Checks Made Out to E.D.E.P.

    Please write your Child's name on all checks and money orders.



  • Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

    1:52-2:05 Check In/Snack

    2:05-2:50 Optional Homework Time/Free Play

    2:50-3:00 Trivia Time

    3:00-3:50 First Activity 

    3:50-4:00- Trivia Time

    4:00-4:50 Second Activity

    4:50-5:15 Free Play

    5:15-5:30 Dismissal


    12:37-1:30 Free Play

    1:30-1:50 Snack

    1:50-2:05 Trivia

    2:05-3:00 First Activity

    3:00-3:10 Trivia

    3:10-4:00 Second Activity

    4:00-5:15 Free Choice 

    5:15-5:30 Dismissal