Programs at Kanapaha

  • Kanapaha Middle School offers junior academy programs for grades 7 and 8. These programs are excellent choices for students wishing to enter career magnets in high school.

    Please explore our offerings below. Feel free to contact us for more information.


7th Grade Program

  • The VE-JV Career Academy will begin in the 7th grade with a Technology Applications class. Students will work in teams to start a business and use technology to create the projects and materials needed for their new business venture. Projects are designed to develop skills in technology, communications, problem solving, and critical thinking. Students will use a variety of Microsoft Office and other software tools to produce accounting, financial, marketing, and presentation materials as well as other documents. The class will engage in several competitions and culminate in a business pitch competition.  

8th Grade Program

  • The VE-JV program in the 8th grade will challenge students to collaborate with their class to launch and manage a business. They will be involved in all aspects of running the business, from marketing, sales, and human resources to accounting, finance and IT. Students fill different positions within the company including department managers and a CEO. Running all aspects of a company, VE-JV students learn about business and develop professionalism, self-confidence, teamwork and an entrepreneurial mindset. The 8th grade program is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in a variety of careers— experience that will enhance their motivation to learn and inform their decisions about future educational and career options.  

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  • David Jackson
    Business Technology Teacher
    Virtual Enterprises JV Teacher
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