Eligibility Requirements


    (Information valid as to 2008. Check with Athletic Director for any changes)

    To Represent Your High School in an athletic contest, you:

    1. Must be regularly enrolled and in regular attendance at your school. If you are a home education student or attend a charter school that is not a member of the FHSAA, you must declare in writing your intention to participate in athletics to the school at which you are permitted to participate prior to the first day of practice.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.1)
    2. Must enroll in school within 10 days of the beginning of each semester to be eligible during that semester. If not, you must make up all work missed and be in attendance a minimum of one day for each day missed due to late enrollment before your principal can declare you eligible.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.1)
    3. Must maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 unweighted scale through the end of the previous semester as required by Florida Law. For sixth-graders, seventh-graders and eighth-graders, you must have been regularly promoted from the previous grade, carry a normal class load, do satisfactory classroom work and maintain a satisfactory conduct record.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.2)
    4. Must not have graduated from any high school or its equivalent.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.2)
    5. Must participate at the school in which you first enroll, or at which you first take part in an athletic practice, at the beginning of the school year.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.3)
    6. Must transfer from your previous school prior to the first day of practice and secure an “Application for Waiver of the Transfer Rule” signed by the principal of both your previous school and your new school. If you transfer on or after the first day of practice in a sport you cannot participate in that sport. If you transfer from a school at which you were ineligible because of disciplinary action or unsatisfactory conduct, you will be ineligible at your new school for one full semester. If you participate on a non-school team (i.e. AAU, American Legion, club settings, etc.) which is affiliated with or coached by a coach from a school other than the one you attend, or have attended, and then transfer to that school, it will be assumed you have been recruited to attend that school or transferred to that school for athletic reasons and you will be ineligible there for one year. If you transfer to a school that your coach has relocated to within the past year, it will be assumed you transferred to that school for athletic reasons and you will be ineligible there for one year.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.4)
    7. Must not have successfully completed the eighth grade for the first time more than four years ago. If you are a sixth-grader, seventh-grader or eighth-grader, you must not have participated in an earlier year in the grade in which you are currently enrolled.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.5)
    8. Must be less than 19 years 9 months old to participate in high school; 16 years 9 months old to participate in junior high school; and 15 years 9 months old to participate in middle school. On the day you reach one of these ages – regardless of when that day is – you become ineligible to participate on that level.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.6)
    9. Must get signed permission to participate from your parents or guardian on a form provided by the school.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.7)
    10. Must have a physician’s certificate stating that you are physically fit for interscholastic athletic competition. The certificate must be dated any time between May 15, 2003 and one day before your first practice.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.8)
    11. Must be an amateur. October 14, 2009 on for participating in a sport, or use a name other than your own when participating.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.9)
    12. Must not participate in an all-star contest in a sport prior to completing your high school eligibility in that sport.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.10)
    13. Must display good sportsmanship and follow the rules of competition before, during and after every contest in which you participate. If not, you may be barred from participation for a period of time.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.11)
    14. Must not provide false information to your school or the FHSAA to gain eligibility.
      (FHSAA Bylaw 11.12)

    If you are declared or ruled ineligible for violation of any one or more of these rules and you do not agree with the decision, you have the right to request that your school file an appeal on your behalf. If you violate one or more of these guidelines because of an unforeseeable, unavoidable condition or event which places a severe burden upon you or your family and are declared or ruled ineligible because of that, you have the right to request that your school file a request for an undue hardship waiver of the rule or rules on your behalf. See your principal, athletic director or coach if you believe one of these two situations applies to you.