Mrs. Rebekah Martin, Coordinator



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Rebekah Martin, Coordinator

E-Mail: martinrm1 (
Phone: 352-313-6522

Program Hours: School dismissal to 5:30 pm
TAX ID# 59-6000500

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Link to Procare formally known as Kinderlime

EDEP Weekly Fees

  • Full Rate: First Child $48.00
    Each additional Sibling $42
    (At the same location)

    Scholarship Rate II: First Child $20.00
    Each additional Sibling $17
    (At the same location)

    Scholarship Rate III: First Child $32.00
    Each additional Sibling $28
    (At the same location)

    Scholarships are available based on household income.
    The parent must complete an application and income verification to determine the proper fees to be charged. Until this form is processed everyone will pay the full rate.  Scholarship applications are available upon request from the Chiles EDEP office.

    Please DO NOT drop off any form of EDEP payment to the school front office or with your child’s teacher.  All payments must be made either online or directly to the EDEP coordinator.

Program Information

  • CHANGE IN ATTENDANCE:  As stated in our parent handbook, if your child has a change in their afternoon schedule and will not be attending EDEP, please contact EDEP directly by email by 1 pm.  Failure to notify EDEP staff of your child's absence 3 times, will result in dismissal from the program. Thank you for your help with this matter.  Our #1 priority is making sure your child is kept safe.

    CLOSING TIME:  Late fees will be charged beginning at 5:31 at a rate of $15.00 per child for every 15 minutes you are late. Three late pickups will result in dismissal from the program.

    *PAYMENT POLICY:* Payments are due in ADVANCE every Friday. You may pay the account as far in advance as you'd like. Payments may be paid by cash, money orders, check or on Procare.  Please make checks payable to EDEP, include your child’s name and your phone number on the check. *Due to Covid-19 procedure changes, appointments must be made with the coordinator in order to make cash payments.

    Please see the EDEP parent handbook for more information


Homework Success

  • Homework time will look different this year.


    Each day we will encourage students to do their homework.  Homework time is optional and alternate activities will be available for those students that do not choose homework time.  Due to the large number of students in EDEP we are not able to provide one on one assistance to individual students.


    Students are expected to bring their own supplies for homework.

Daily Schedule

  • Schedule will be changed and adjusted for Fall 2020


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