COVID-19 Updates


    We are concerned about the wellbeing of all students, faculty, staff and their families. While we are experiencing times of uncertainty, we know many questions are looming in the minds of all stakeholders. Please find information related to school changes below. We will update this page as changes occur. Our continual thoughts remain with the Irby Family and community at large. Please be safe.

    Schools will be closed through April 15th

    • schools are encouraged to operate virtually by non-classroom-based means as much as possible
    • schools calendar year will remain as previously published; last day will be May 29th
    • IEP-related services may be extended as deemed appropriate
    • remaining state tests are cancelled
    • k-12 school grades will not be calculated for 19-20 (this does not pertain to student progress/report card grades)
    • state required instructional hours may be reduced
    • no decisions finalized on summer school opportunities at this time
    • ACPS Grading Window for progress reports has been extended to April 7th

    Florida Department of Education - Guidance for 19-20 School Year



    *District Instructional Continuity Plan

    "While the district is on an extended Spring Break until March 30 as ordered by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the district has developed and posted the plans for providing instruction for students on its website at The plan outlines how we will provide instruction after Spring Break, but also includes resources you can use right now. The direct link to the Instructional Continuity Plan is"


    Frequently updated health sites:

    Alachua County Department of Health:

    Florida Department of Health:

    The Centers for Disease Control: