Message From Our Principal

  • Wanza Wakeley, Ed.S.


    I want to welcome each of you to Stephen Foster Elementary, Home of the Steamers, where “Steamers are Leaders”!  We maintain a constant state of excitement and enthusiasm about meeting the needs and promoting the aspirations of each of our students.  I have been fortunate to have had various experiences in my [over] 25 year career in education.  I have been an elementary classroom teacher, Curriculum and Behavior Resource Teacher, Dean of Students and Assistant Principal at the middle school level and an Assistant Principal at the high school level.  All of these experiences have afforded me the unique understanding of where our students begin their educational careers and then where it ends in a K-12 public school system.  These experiences and opportunities have allowed me a valid and substantiated perspective for a holistic view of students’ academic, social and emotional needs. 

    Throughout history, education has been revered as an entitlement only for the elite; for the essence of education is awareness, enlightenment and power.  Fortunately, in our great country, education is expected and given freely to all school-aged children.  The implication of this privilege is that we should greatly value education and our potential as educators to impact the recipients… our children.  It is our responsibility to be aware of this honor that has been bestowed upon us as educators. We have been endowed with the task of empowerment, making sure that every child receives the fullest extent of our capabilities.  Our students are our blessed hope for attaining the achievements and accomplishing the goals that we are not able to fulfill in our lifetimes.  The promise of our continued existence lies within the continual enrichment of the children.  Every one of them is entitled to and deserves the possession of the tools necessary for acquiring the wealth of knowledge.  I am a gatekeeper, as all educators are gatekeepers, and I believe we should never allow the gate to close.

    As we journey through, please realize that it requires all persons with a vested interest in the maintenance of our commonwealth to help ensure EVERY child learns and is equipped to be productive citizens.