Visitor Policies and Procedures

  • Our commitment to student safety necessitates the following procedures:

    • All visitors must sign-in the front office. All visitors must present identification.
    • All persons checking out a student MUST present identification and MUST be listed on a child's emergency card. 
    • All change of dismissal plans must be made in advance by either sending a note to the child's teacher. Any person calling for a change in dismissal must be on the child's emergency card. Changes of dismissal must be arranged at least 30 minutes before the end of the school day.
    • Parent pick-up/drop-off is located on the NW 6th Street side of the school. Students may NOT be dropped-off or picked up in the bus circle (NW 39th Ave). All persons picking up a student must present a CAR RIDER card color coded to the students grade level. Place the card in the windshield. Students picked up between 1:47 and 2:02 will be in the parent pick-up area. At 2:02 (WED 12:47), remaining students can be picked up in the front office. All students must be picked up by 2:22 WED (1:07).


    SBAC Code of Student Conduct