Parent Pick up and Drop Off

  • Parents may drop off and pick-up their children using the southernmost entrance of the school that is by the Oak View Middle School sign. Driving down the Bus access lane on the North side of the school to drop off or pick-up your children during dismissal time is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN for safety concerns.

    Parents that park and wait for students need to walk up to the front of the school to pick up their children. We do not allow the students to walk out into the parking lot alone for safety concerns. As many Teachers and Staff that are at the Pick-up area, our eyes cannot be everywhere.

    Parents should not encourage students to walk to or from SW 250th Street or SW 4th Avenue, in the afternoon for loading or in the morning for unloading as this violates Florida State Statute 316.1945.

    Please be patient and utilize the parent drop off and pick-up location for loading and unloading students. We do try to keep the line moving.

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