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    2019-2020 Yearbook Updates

    Parents, Students, and Staff

    Well this year is flying by. I wanted to take a moment to go over some important Yearbook updates. Sales have been great so far, I thank you all for that. We have sold about 200 books thus far and around 9 pages of ads. Sales really seem to ramp up towards the end of school, so don’t wait until the last minute. Last year we sold all 375 copies with no extras.

    Important dates:

    Now - March 13th: 8th grade Baby pics. We like to show baby pics of our seniors. I can accept digital copies of those pictures up to March 13th. Please unless absolutely unavoidable don’t send hard copies to school. I would hate for something to happen to your precious memory items, and this is a middle school. LOL

    March 12th: Club and Senior excellence /Senior class picture day. Club pictures periods 1-3, Senior class (8th grade) picture 6th period.

    March 16th: All ads must be completed and turned in, the year book is sent to publisher on March 20th.

    Important info:

    Yearbooks and ads can be bought online until March 16th at this website: www.swiphoto.com/yb

    Yearbooks can still be bought at school. There are order forms are in the front office and media center.

    Yearbooks cost $30, full page ads $160, ½ page ads $80, and ¼ page ads $40

    When you purchase an ad at school, you will need to receive a code from me to use at the website above. This code gives you access to setup an account and create your ad. I do not have access to your yearbook account information so I can’t fix or create ads unless you are logged in and I am next to you. I am happy to help anyone with an ad, just remember unless you are logged on and I am right there, I can’t edit your ads.

    Contact me with any questions

    Mike Scott   scottms@gm.sbac.edu



    OVMS Yearbooks cost $30


    2020 Yearbook Order Form

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