SSYRA 2024-2025

Checkout Policy

  • Students check out library books during their weekly scheduled library time.  They may also check out books during the school day with their classroom teacher’s permission.

    • Kindergarten: One book at a time for one week, beginning in late September.
    • 1st Grade: One book at a time for one week at the beginning of the year, then one book and one magazine per week starting in January.
    • 2nd  and 3rd  Grade: Two books and a magazine
    • 4th - 5th: Two books at a time until November and then three books for students with a good checkout and return record. Books may be renewed.

    Additional books may be checked out as needed for school projects.

    If a book is not returned on time, students will be given an overdue notice weekly. Overdue notices will be sent out every Monday and placed in student folders. Students will not be allowed to check out books if they have books that have been overdue more than two weeks.  

    Items that are damaged or lost will be assessed a replacement fee.

    Any student who has a question about an overdue book is encouraged to check with the library staff right away.

    Books may be returned to the library at any time.  If you  know that you are withdrawing from our school please return all library books to our Media Center as soon as possible.

    We suggest that your child have a designated place at home for keeping track of library books. The ability to select and return library materials is a lifelong skill, and your child’s responsibility!  We discourage students from taking their books outside and to lunch.  We also ask students to be careful with liquids in their book bags when carrying books to and from school.  A large Ziploc bag is recommended for storing library books to and from home.

    Thank you for being responsible for returning books on time and "babying our books" so that all of our students can enjoy our wonderful library.

    Ellen Meeker,

    Media Specialist


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