Mission, Vision and Beliefs

  • GHS Crest

    Gainesville High School
    Established in 1902



    Gainesville High School is committed to challenging all students to achieve their highest potential.


    The mission of Gainesville High School is to provide our students with an appreciation of their intrinsic value and to develop within them the skills, knowledge, and curiosity which will enable them to lead fulfilling and productive lives in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex society.


    1. Our school’s priority is student learning.
    2. Our students have the capacity to learn the skills and concepts necessary to become productive citizens which will enable them to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.
    3. Student learning improves in a safe, comfortable environment.
    4. A partnership between families, the school and community benefits all students.
    5. Diversity increases students’ understanding of other people and cultures.