Full Name Title Email Phone Ext Website
David Bennett GET Paraprofessional bennettd
Pearly Bowers GET Paraprofessional bowerspm
Gladys Britt Paraprofessional brittgy
Tesha Bryant Paraprofessional bryantts
Ashley Burnett Paraprofessional burnettad
Portia Butler-Barton Paraprofessional butlerpl
Jasmine Campbell Paraprofessional campbelljk
Veronica Cohen Paraprofessional cohenvl
Robert Danes Paraprofessional danesrc
Ashley Davis Paraprofessional davisar
Andrea Dempsey Paraprofessional dempseyad
Catherine Diaz Paraprofessional diazc
Trixie Farr Paraprofessional farrt
Diane Freeney Paraprofessional freened
Sherri Gainey Paraprofessional gaineyas
Frenchie Gordon Paraprofessional gordonfl
Persilla Gordon Paraprofessional gordonpa
Rosemary Gutierrez Paraprofessional gutierrezr
Christina Hamm Paraprofessional hammcj
Jennifer Harrod Paraprofessional harrodj
James Henderson GET Paraprofessional hendersonjw
Ann Hicks Paraprofessional hicksam
Kim Hord Paraprofessional hordkj
Yahni Humes Paraprofessional humesyz
Lora Jackson CBT Paraprofessional jacksonly
Shereka Jackson Transition to Life Paraprofessional jacksonsl
Ruby James Paraprofessional jamesrg
Alia Jones Paraprofessional jonesac
Alaina Kozlowski Paraprofessional kozlowan
Susan McLaughlin Paraprofessional mclaughlinsl
Varian Osteen GET Paraprofessional osteenvw
Rosa Patrick Paraprofessional patricrp
Frenchie Rice Transition to Life Paraprofessional ricefv
Eva Riggins Paraprofessional rigginel
Tanya Riles Paraprofessional rilestn
Celia Rivers Dog Biscuits Paraprofessional riverscm
Diana Sandberg Paraprofessional sandbedl
Leonardo Seymore Paraprofessional seymoreld
Marc Shapiro Paraprofessional shapirmd
Develyn Smith Paraprofessional smithdm1
Faye Stokes Paraprofessional and Unicorn Mall Manager stokesfn
JC Tamayo Paraprofessional tamayojc
William Taylor Paraprofessional taylorwr
Yolanda Upchurch Media Specialist Paraprofessional upchury
Kia Vallery Martin Paraprofessional vallerymartinkk
Kelsey Williams Paraprofessional williamskg1
William Robinson CBT Paraprofessional wjrobinson1
Yvette Zie-Bonzogo Paraprofessional ziebonyb