One Mill for Schools

  • Thanks to Alachua County voters, the One Mill will remain in place through 2025, helping protect funding for vital personnel and programs, including school nurses, counselors, librarians, art/music/drama programs, career tech programs, academic magnets, band/chorus and classroom technology.

    The One Mill was first approved by voters in 2008. It has been renewed every four years since then. It raises about $17 million each year, and in 2020-21 is helping fund the salaries of more than 300 local teachers.

    In keeping with the ballot language, an independent citizens’ oversight committee reviews all expenditures from the One Mill to ensure the revenues are being spent as voters intended. Information about that committee, including financial documents and meeting meetings, are available here.

    The One Mill is important to all citizens, whether or not they have children in school. A high-quality school system, like the A-rated Alachua County Public Schools, helps attract new businesses and jobs to the community. Strong schools boost the economy and property values. Most of all, they prepare our young people to be successful and productive adults.