• Research Protocols


    The Department of Research, Assessment and School Improvement research function focuses on controlling the research activities of other agencies within the schools, on the possible effects of policy change on the community and schools, and on evaluation of wide-scale instructional program implementation.

    • Research Approval
      All research conducted by other agencies in the public schools and/or focusing on public school students must be reviewed and approved by the RA department. The department maintains a process for reviewing, approving, monitoring and coordinating all research proposals. Whenever possible, the department attempts to shield the schools from unnecessary intrusion by placing limits on research projects and/or by providing existing data from within the department.

    Application for Research in Alachua County Public Schools

    • Institutional Research
      Through the Reports Service and ad hoc reporting functions, the department assists all education decision makers within the district in the formulation of research questions, development of collection instruments, analysis of data, and presentation of results.
    • Policy Analysis
      Policy analysis involves three separate functions. In initial policy analysis, the department attempts to assess the impact of existing and emerging policies on the communities and schools. Secondly, the department attempts to validate the assumptions stimulating the proposed policies. Thirdly, consequences of proposed policy are anticipated.
    • Program Evaluation
      Program evaluation consists of the systematic investigation of specific programs for the purpose of assessing their impact. This may include instructional programs acquired by the district as products or services or locally developed programs and services. The focus of the evaluation is on the effectiveness of the program or service in procuring the desired outcomes defined in their acquisition or development.