Requesting Data or Applying to Conduct Research in Alachua County Public Schools

  • The Department of Data Analytics, Accountability & Evaluation is responsible for overseeing all progress monitoring tools, staff evaluation models, program evaluation, and student records management. This includes our focuses on controlling the research activities of other agencies within the schools, on the possible effects of policy change on the community and schools, and on the evaluation of wide-scale instructional program implementation.

    All research conducted by other agencies in the public schools and/or focusing on public school students must be reviewed and approved by the school district's internal review board. The board maintains a process for reviewing, approving, monitoring, and coordinating all research proposals. Whenever possible, the board attempts to shield the schools from unnecessary intrusion by placing limits on research projects and/or by providing existing data from within the department.

    All research must be conducted in compliance with School Board of Alachua County Policy 2605.

    Follow this procedure to request data or apply for doing research in the Alachua County Public School system.

    • Download and complete one copy of the Application for Research or Application for Data (if your research is requested/requires data, only an Application for Research is required).

    • Attach a copy of your Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval form. Attach a brief description of your research protocol (an IRB-02).

    • Attach copies of all your data-gathering instruments and/or a detailed description of the data required, as well as any consent forms required (parental, student, etc.).

    • Submit all the above materials to the Department of Data Analytics, Accountability, & Evaluation for review by emailing them to

      Note: The Application for Data is for Data Requests only. If your research project requires data from ACPS, you only need to fill out the Application for Research)

    Upon receiving your application, it will be reviewed by the ACPS Internal Review Board. This board, comprised of content area specialists, convenes every other Friday afternoon to review external research projects. Should your project be approved, it will be sent to the principals of schools that match the populations you specified. Please note that this might not necessarily be the exact schools you request. After obtaining the green light from these principals, we'll notify you via email about your approval and the particular school(s) you'll collaborate with. If your project necessitates a Memorandum of Understanding or a Data Sharing Agreement, these will be attached to your approval email. Once your study concludes, kindly share an abstract, any related publications, or a concise summary of your findings.

    For additional details, please reach out to the Director of Data Analytics, Accountability & Evaluation at or call (352) 955-7623. We appreciate your interest!