• College Student Opportunities


    To volunteer in a public school, follow these three steps:

    • STEP 1: You will need to look through all of the available volunteer placements which occur at different locations and times in our ACPS classrooms.
    • STEP 2: Once you find a volunteer opportunity that suits your interests, course requirements, and schedule, you will attend orientation. This is REQUIRED before volunteering at an ACPS school.
    • STEP 3: When everything is confirmed with you, the teacher, and our office, you will begin your volunteer work.


      • The Volunteer Program does not track your hours. You will have the opportunity to use RAPTOR (our volunteer tracking system). How to use RAPTOR will be covered in your volunteer orientation.
      • You are expected to volunteer for 10 weeks during the semester.
      • Please call the Alachua County School Volunteer Program office at 352-955-7250 for more information on getting placed in a classroom.

    If you are looking for a placement for Spring 2022, our recruitment season and large group orientation sessions for Spring 2022 have passed, but we would be happy to still get you placed in a school. You can contact our office to seek an individual assignment at 352-955-7250 or volunteers@gm.sbac.edu 


    Photo of College Volunteers  Photo of college volunteers painting  Photo of college volunteer showing students around school