• The ACCEPT program is designed to meet the needs of pregnant or parenting students and their children. This voluntary program provides
    participating students with educational and ancillary services to facilitate the completion of high school. Services include:" "

    • Academics
    • Child care
    • Parenting education
    • Transportation
    • Coordinated health care and social services



    Student Eligibility Criteria

    Pregnant and parenting students who are enrolled in a K-12 public school are eligible to participate in the ACCEPT. Pregnant students must present medical documentation as proof of pregnancy. Parenting students must present the child’s birth certificate or other official medical record(s) of the child’s birth.

    Teen fathers, who are currently enrolled students, are also encouraged to participate in the ACCEPT Program. Documentation of fatherhood must also be presented. A child’s birth certificate with the father’s name documented or a notarized affidavit of fatherhood is acceptable.

    The decision to attend the ACCEPT Program is based on a voluntary agreement between the student, the home school guidance counselor, and the student’s parent/guardian.

    An appointment is then made with the appropriate Teen Parent Program staff member to continue the enrollment process.

Program Options and Locations

  •  There are two service options available to students entering the Teen Parent Program.
    1. Enroll at a Teen Parent Program Site with childcare and ancillary on-site that include transportation, childcare, parenting class, social services and health care:
        Program Site- Loften High School
    2. Remain at Home School
    Students may remain at their home school and receive the benefits from education at that school. In addition to continuing their regular academic studies, pregnant or parenting students who are enrolled and complete the required parenting course with a grade of “C” or better receive ancillary services, including voucher childcare services, coordinated health services and social services.
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